Navy Sloth Paintings

Wooden heart duo is an abstract metallic oil painting on canvas, resembling two hearts carved into a tree. Fine lines of gold, bronze, copper and cream make up the painting, creating a striking glow to the finished product.

Size: 50cm x 50cm

Medium: Oil

In stock


Navy Sloth Paintings – Wooden Heart Duo

This is wooden heart duo, an abstract oil painting on canvas focused on bringing together two metallic hearts in a delicate fashion. Burnt autumn shades alight the canvas, with hues of bronze, gold, copper and cream. Each shade complementing one another making the canvas super shiny and almost radiates a glowing  warmth. The colours and the rugged outline of the hearts resemble hearts carved into a tree.

Wooden heart duo would make a wonderful gift for Valentines day, or a wedding gift or even for a loved one to simply make them smile! Love heart paintings? Have you seen Candy crush yet? Why not take a look at https://www.navysloth.co.uk/shop/candy-crush/

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