Oil Painting

Dimensions: 30cm x 100cm x3

Smile though your heart is aching was created with happy memories in mind which was a lovely experience but sad at times remembering those that are no longer with us. It’s a modern abstract oil drip painting but differs from my other ones as not only have I let each droplet form individually but some I have allowed to drip literally down the canvas by tilting the canvas allowing the paint to move naturally. These lines could be seen as tears falling, or barrier lines to either hide ones feelings or slowly show those who view you how your emotional state really is. Its been called a magical piece and has a calming effect when viewed. Once it was complete I felt as though I was drawn to it as though I was moving though an enchanted forest lost in thought.I had Emeli Sande – Heaven and Blur- The Debt collector playing among other songs which seemed to keep my heart pumping with joy during the painting process of this Jackson Pollock inspired painting.

Abstract art to buy…. Abstract art to love…. Abstract art to impress…Abstract art to cherish!